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It’s the first thing you see each day as you leave or arrive,  coming or going it is the first thing when you pull up in the driveway or walk up to your front door.  You want it to look beautiful every time.  You want to get that feeling of joy knowing that you maintain the exterior of your home and be the envy of the neighbourhood with the best looking exterior.


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Painting The Exterior Of House Is Good Home Maintenance

Cracking or peeling paint on exterior wood is due to many environmental aspects and is naturally normal.  With a professional exterior painting job and maintenance you can avoid your home’s exterior woodwork accents from some of the environmental exposures, such as sun, rain, snow and of course our extremely frigid cold Ottawa winters.

The peeling and cracking of paint is a natural thing that happens to wood over the years.  The sun the rain, our extreme cold temperatures and every other aspect of the environment affects the wood outside your home.  Painters provide the service of painting the exterior of your home to help maintain it’s beauty.  Sometimes the wood around the exterior of windows or doors has absorbed so much humidity and extreme temperatures that if years have passed without maintenance, a homeowner may need to consider replacing the wood entirely.  Find more information on when you would need to replace or repaint the wood around your home.

Painting the Exterior

The peeling and cracking of the exterior paint that occurs naturally to wood over the years because of the exposure to the natural elements on a daily basis..

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Exterior Paint also bubbles and blisters over time.  It is most often due to environmental exposure, unprofessional painting and not maintaining it with a fresh coat of paint or stain every 3 to 5 years.  An experienced painter, will be able to recommend which primer paint or stain to use dependent on the look you are after as well as which will provide best protection.  It is important to note that painting in extreme humidity, rain or if the morning dew is still on the wood  will affect the exterior painting in a negative way.

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Even the seal around the exterior windows and doors will eventually peel or crack and it’s important to have it resealed.  Therefore applying the appropriate exterior caulking product is a key element to ensuring a smooth finish to the entire exterior painting project.

If your home’s exterior paint is not as vibrant as it used to be give your house the TLC it deserves.   Connect with a painter near you to help restore the beauty of your home and give it the most attractive curb appeal in the neighborhood and ensure good home maintenance practice that will help make your exterior painting last for years to come.

Bring back the lustre with a fresh exterior paint colour  that will last for years  and be the envy of all passersby, the neighbors and any potential buyer if your home is listed for resale as painting before selling will definitely bring up the resale value.

Contact a painting contractor in Ottawa PG Paint & Design to get more information on our house painting services and to schedule your exterior house painting.

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