Nail pops, paint blisters, dents from moving furniture in or out of a room, to regular every day activities like kicking off boots or shoes, it is common to have imperfections on the drywall.  Finding a company in Ottawa that does drywall repairs before painting is key to a professional paint finish.

Repairing the drywall is the first step to success in getting that perfect smooth finish on the walls or ceiling.  At PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa Painters we have the experience and knowledge to ensure all patching and repairs to drywall imperfections is performed before any paint is applied to walls or ceilings.  Read on to find out more about some of the common drywall repairs needed before painting the interior.

repairs to drywall before painting by painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN

Types of Drywall Problems and Imperfections

Most times the common drywall problems and imperfections are not always visible by most homeowners, but experts who work with drywall repairs and painting will notice them immediately.  Our eyes are trained after years and years of being in the business and they are easy to fix with good knowledge and know how.  We list some of the most common drywall imperfections we see and repair before painting.


These are some of the imperfections that can be found in drywall that should be repaired before painting.  Taking care of these imperfections first ensures the best smooth finish before paint is applied and the best end result for a professional look.

hole in the wall before drywall repairs


Holes are common and usually accidental.  A door may be opened and pushed through the wall, or you may be bringing in a new piece of furniture that accidentally hits the wall and creates the hole.  Big or small, it needs to be properly repaired.  Depending on the size of the hole, it may need to have a new piece of drywall inserted to fill the larger sized hole, or sometimes it is as simple as filling it with drywall compound.


drywall patching repair of a wall in a house in Ottawa


Pictures, Art Work, Large Mirrors Removal of things like large mirrors, art work and family photos from walls can sometimes leave behind imperfections from what was used to hang them or sometimes even lead to peeling the drywall paper completely.  Of course some of the larger sized art work or huge mirrors leave more behind than the regular pictures of our families.  Nonetheless the imperfections left behind should be repaired with some drywall compound, then sanded before repainting.


crack in the wall between the door frame and the trim


Paint Cracks or Peeling Paint between the joints of where the trim, baseboards or window and door frames meet the paint may crack or peel over time. It’s mostly due to bad paint application, and the house shifting which is common.  Although annoying to look at it is not a huge problem that cannot be fixed with the simple application of drywall compound, primer paint and final paint finish.


shows a paint bubble and blister on wall after interior painting

Paint Bubbles or Blisters are common deformities and are caused from painting in extreme heat, moisture or a combination of both.  There is loss of paint adhesion on the surface.  They are easily fixed, and smoothed away before any interior painting.  You can read more about paint bubbles and blisters why they happen and how to fix or prevent them.



nail pops on interior wall


Nail Pops Over time homes shift because of environmental changes, the wood it was built with will constrict between our hot and cold seasons.  This may cause some of the nails to pop in drywall joints or studs.  Nail pops appear through the drywall as little bumps that can simply be filled with some plaster fill and then lightly sanded and painted over.



Damage to Drywall Sometimes drywall needs complete replacing due to damage caused from leaks, or other incidences.  Most painting companies can help with the repairs, while the drywall installers should be called to replace the sheets of drywall if the damage is extensive.

Damaged corners also known as corner beads, which is where the two sheets of drywall meet to create the corner of the wall or a big dent or hole caused by a major impact such as a piece of furniture, or a hockey puck or golf ball from the practice runs inside the home, need to be repaired before painting.

It is normal for walls to receive the brunt end of our daily home activities.  Whether it is playing a game of soccer or hockey that creates dents, or scuff marks or from moving furniture pieces a quick fix and repair will have it look new again, making a smooth finish for paint application.  Other damages to drywall include:

damage to ceiling drywall from water stains


Water Stains Painting over water stains does not due the trick, especially if the water damage has created the drywall to crack, peel or build up with mold.  A leak from the roof, or from a bathroom above can create patches of water stain damage.  This needs to be remedied with the proper type of primer and paint products, as well as either repair with drywall compound or replace the drywall entirely.


wall paper removal and drywall repair before painting of interior


Wall Paper once wallpaper is removed there is always some of the sticky film left behind, this needs to be properly taken care of otherwise the bumps will show up.  We will ensure a smooth finish to the walls by removing all sticky residue, patching with drywall compound, sanding to smooth out all imperfections, and then applying paint.



cracked peeling paint bubbles on ceiling drywall to be repaired before painting


Ceilings are also made from drywall, therefore the same care as the walls for prepping the ceiling before painting is necessary.  Sometimes there is a roof leak or the upstairs bathroom tub leaks and stains are left on the ceilings.  These stains need to be removed with special products, paint primer needs to be applied and then re-stipple if necessary or repaint.



Repairing Drywall

Before beginning any painting, the painters at PG PAINT & DESIGN ensure all nail pops are filled, any bumps, cracks or imperfections on the drywall are sanded to a smooth finish. Preparing drywall before painting  ensures you get a smooth paint finish.

As part of our interior painting services in Ottawa  we apply drywall compound or plaster and sand it down to a smooth finish followed by a paint a primer to ensure best coverage and adhesion of the final paint colour that will be painted on the walls or ceilings.

a painter repairing drywall before painting an interior wall

Patching Repairs To Drywall

Patching repairs to drywall are necessary for many reasons.  Sometimes they can be as simple as filling in holes from nail pops or holes left behind from pre hung art work or other dents created by normal everyday living.

Damage to the ceilings or walls from a water leak that leaves behind water stains will create paint problems such as cracking, flaking or bubbles.

Repairing or Removal of stipple ceiling to get a flat look is a process that can be done by painting companies in Ottawa. Ensuring that all the necessary steps in preparing the walls and ceilings before painting to get quality end results.

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Drywall Repair Services in Ottawa

Although painting is our specialty, we also provide drywall and plaster patching repairs. When necessary small portions of drywall sections can be replaced to ensure the best result before re-painting. Read more about drywall repairs. ​  Let us help restore the look back to your ceilings and walls.


What is Drywall

Drywall is a material used in the construction of homes.  During the construction process it is typically installed after the framing work is done.  Drywall creates the walls and ceilings of the interior of houses, condos, apartment buildings as it is a durable material that provides a barrier between the exterior walls and the insulation and gives a perfect smooth look to any interior.


sheets of drywall for installation and repair


Sheets of drywall are now installed during construction of homes.  It creates the beauty of our interior walls and ceilings, keeping the heat and cold outside.  It can also be used as a design element to create arches.  Drywall became more common after the 1950’s.



interior walls of a house with wooden slats


Before the 1950’s homes were constructed with an older method of layering thin wood panels horizontally and filling them with at least 3 coats of plaster compound.




Drywall replaced this old method as it is easier to install, takes less time and money.  Drywall is also referred to as gyproc, sheetrok, plasterboard, gypsum board and wallboard.

If you live in older neighborhoods in Ottawa such as Little Italy, Preston Street, Downtown, Centretown or the Glebe area, these homes were built before the 1950’s with the old plastering method that was used in the construction of the house.

Drywall Painting

Just painting over the damaged drywall is not OK.  We would rather fix those dents, holes, scuff marks, cracks etc. so that it ensures homeowners the best possible smooth finish, and that you get the full service you are paying for when you hire a painting company.  The benefits of drywall repairs is not only cosmetic but can repair damaged areas to make them look new again.

Find a painter in Ottawa that has the knowledge and experience of ensuring your next painting and drywall repair experience will go smoothly, and most importantly cost-effectively.

PG PAINT & DESIGN House Painters Ottawa is pleased to provide you with interior house painting services and exterior house painting services,  along with light and minor carpentry repairs such as replacing rotted wood, patching and or repairing to baseboards and trim and caulking.

We strive to provide our clients with 100% complete satisfaction. Our mission has always been to ensure quality craftsmanship, integrity, respect and service.

We invite you read the testimonials and reviews from our satisfied and happy clients.  Our over 30 years experience in the paint and drywall repair services gives us the confidence and pride in being your local Ottawa painters providing you with quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and treating your house like our own home.

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