Stipple ceilings are a textured finish painted onto ceilings to hide imperfections.  It is much more economical when homes are being built for home builders to spray the ceilings with a textured paint resulting in the stipple or popcorn look.

While stipple ceilings are common in all homes, many homeowners consider them to be unattractive and outdated.  They are also susceptible to being damaged from water leaks.  This is where the services of a company in Ottawa that does stipple ceiling repairs is necessary to hire.

Whether you need to have a patch repaired due to a water leak or remove the stipple or popcorn texture entirely and create a smooth ceiling finish we are the professionals you want to hire.  We can patch and repair ceilings as well as remove any texture like the popcorn or stipple and sand it down to a smooth finish to give you a ceiling that looks as smooth and great as your walls.  Update the look of the ceilings in your home with professional repair and repainting services.

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The Different Types of Ceiling Textures

A textured ceiling is a cheaper way for builders to create a finish on the ceiling.  When drywall is installed it costs more to have a professional drywaller go in and do all the necessary work to create that perfectly smooth ceiling, so instead home builders have a company spray paint the texture onto the ceilings creating a textured look called stipple, popcorn or stucco ceiling.

Sometimes also referred to as a cottage cheese like texture, it is something that most homeowners in 2020 are looking to get rid of.  Any way you see it and call it whether it is popcorn, stipple, cottage cheese or stucco it is a bumpy looking ceiling that dates us back into the 1970’s


stipple ceiling sample


Stipple Ceiling – hugely popular in residential homes built between the 1930’s to 1990’s in Canada to add depth to ceilings and hide imperfections.  The stipple is made up of drywall compound (mud) with water.  It can be applied with a spray paint gun, or paint roller.  Some have even used a sponge to create the swirl effect.  These ceilings were and still are commonly used in entrance hallways, basements, bedrooms in fact every room in the house due to it being so inexpensive for home builders.





popcorn ceiling sample


Popcorn Ceiling – Just like the stipple it is simply another word for the texture that is applied to the ceiling.  There can be one pro considered to having a textured ceiling and that would be that it does provide a good acoustic barrier.  Sounds seem to be more contained in a room with a popcorn ceiling than a regular flat ceiling.






textured ceiling sample


Cottage Cheese Ceiling – just like its relatives the stipple and the popcorn it is just another descriptive name for a textured ceiling.  Applying any form of texture to a ceiling eliminates the echo in a room.  Take for example an empty room, there is alot of echoing that goes on if you are having a conversation.  Once you begin to add things like carpet or furniture there is a noticeable difference where most of the echo is eliminated.




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Stipple Ceiling Repairs in Ottawa

Most homeowners would never choose to actually have stipple on the ceilings of their new house, and if given the option the builder can be asked not to.  You can request the home builders to not spray the stipple to the ceiling, so that you can have a smooth finish to the ceiling just as with the walls, bringing the look of your home into a modern 2020.

A smooth finished ceiling with a fresh coat of paint becomes the new fifth wall in any room.  It can be adorned with different paint colours rather than just white.

While most of us continue to have to look at the ceiling that builders sprayed stipple on because it was the fastest way and least expensive way to cover the ceiling, there are options. Here is where you call a painting company in Ottawa with the experience necessary to bring your ceilings to a smooth finish.

At PG PAINT & DESIGN – Ottawa Painters we provide the service of removing the stipple ceiling, smoothing the surface of the drywall and repainting it.

Along with the removal we also provide affordable ceiling patching and repair to stipple or textured ceilings where damage has occurred.

cracked or peeling paint on a ceiling


In this photo it shows the stipple ceiling paint peeling from the ceiling.  This will require repair and re-stipple or complete removal of the entire stipple on the ceiling.  A couple of fresh coats of paint to bring everything back to a normal. See our tips and procedures on how to paint over water stains.





smooth ceiling after stipple removal by PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa House Painters


In this photo, it shows the ceiling after being scraped from stipple is now skim coated and primed.







ceilings stipple removal and painting by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters in Ottawa


In this photo it shows the before and after look of ceilings that have had stipple removed and repainted.  It also show the difference between a ceiling that has not been painted for many years to what a difference a coat of paint makes.






PG PAINT & DESIGN is a painting company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that along with our  interior house painting services and exterior house painting services provides drywall repair.  We specialize in providing you with a personalized experience, quality materials and over 30 years experience in the home painting business.

Ensuring you receive quality painting services every time, we strive to achieve 100% and more complete customer satisfaction.  Read the testimonials and reviews from our loyal clients in the Ottawa area.

Let us know if we can help with patching and repairing or removal of the textured ceiling in your condo, apartment or house.

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