If picking a paint colour is causing you stress, and you are looking to hire the services of a painting company in Ottawa let us help you with ideas and advice for painting your space and to help you create a harmonizing environment with paint colours that truly connects you and your home.  A consultation for paint colours can help ease the overwhelming stress for a homeowner looking to repaint their spaces. With the vast array of choices in paint colours and the combinations can sometimes prove difficult to envision in your own home decor.

Get advice in the comfort of your own home with paint colour trends, creating a mood or atmosphere and coordinating with already existing home decor.  Here at PG PAINT & DESIGN as experienced painters we can help you go through the samples of paint colour chips and paint fan decks to guide you to select the best suited colour for you and your home.  Our paint colour consultation services are provided only after we have been hired and our painting services have been retained.
paint colour consultation with colour samples for interior and exterior painting by Ottawa painters PG PAINT & DESIGN

If you are not sure about colours for painting your house or condo apartment, we can help find that paint colour that goes with that fabric sample, your favorite pillow or blanket or even a colour in a picture that is hanging on your wall.  If you can think it, envision it but aren’t quite sure we can eliminate the guesswork with a few suggestions.

Choosing Paint Colours

Certain colours can transport us to beautiful places, inspire us with warm fuzzy feelings, remind us of a special blue we saw in the waters while on a vacation, the light beige in the sparkle of the sand or the perfect white from a cloud in the sky.  Choosing paint colours is as personal and unique as you are and when deciding on what new colour palette to decorate your space with we want them to reflect our personalities.

Painters in Ottawa  who have been in the house painting industry for many years have a keen eye for detail and can suggest paint colours for every room in your house.  You can connect with your personal painter to tell them about your favourite shade of any colour that you might be considering to use.

It might be that same one a good friend or family member has painted on their walls, or a gorgeous picture seen on pinterest in a magazine, or maybe you are in a home improvement and decor community like houzz  where homeowners connect to get ideas for home decorating, and on finding the best professionals in the home industry.

Every paint manufacturer has their own wide selection of colours to choose from and the cost varies from one company to the next.  From dark to light shades and everything in-between the choices are endless in any shade of colour.  The power of colour, understanding how combinations work and how they may affect our mood is the psychology behind every green, blue, red, yellow orange etc etc.

We all have our favourites and your individual selection may not be the same as someone else’s and that’s ok. It’s about being “Unique”. Each of us are unique so why shouldn’t our paint colours be more about us too.

Paint Colours and Paint Finishes

Paint Sheen is another word for paint finish it simply refers to how shiny the paint will be once it has been painted or applied to the walls or ceilings.   Knowing the differences between Paint Finishes is helpful as it makes the difference as to where you will be using it because the higher the sheen or finish you choose the more durable and easy to clean and maintain the coating of the paint will be.  For example in a kitchen or bathroom the best finish or sheen to use would be a semigloss as it more durable than a flatt/matte or eggshell especially in a room with high level of moisture and humidity.  Painting in moisture high areas requires specially formulated paints.

Hire Us for Painting & Get A Colour Consultation

We are not interior decorators or interior designers and therefore we do not claim to be experts in home decor.  We do not offer a paint colour consultation on an hourly rate basis, nor as a separate service.

Our paint colour consultation services are available only after you have hired us and retained our painting services,  with the costs of purchasing the small paint cans for samples at homeowners expense.

If you need ideas or suggestions to help guide you through choosing paint colours without paying for a professional designer we can help.

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