Living in any of the beautiful condo buildings in the City of Ottawa has its perks.  From the skyline views, convenient amenities and gorgeous spaces, why not add your personal touch with fresh new paint colours and interior painting.

If you are searching for a painting company in Ottawa that paints condo units and apartments, you have stopped at the right place.  PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa painters offers you  years of experience in painting condo apartments.interior painting condo in Ottawa

Condo Painting in Ottawa

On average Canadians tend to paint their homes every two to five years since paint is the most cost effective way to get the maximum change to any interior.  Condo owners have to have approval from the condo board before proceeding to paint to ensure there are no boundaries before hiring any painting companies to work with.

If you are considering to purchase a condo, or already own a condo apartment why not add your personality and signature by getting a fresh interior painting of the unit.  As experienced and professional condo painters in Ottawa our services consist of the same meticulous painting steps and procedures as our interior house painting services.

Older condo units may still have stipple ceilings that can be removed to give your apartment a modern look.  Painting is our specialty, along with other services such as repair to any drywall or ceiling patching damage caused from nails, water or other circumstances.

Condo Painters in Ottawa

As condo painters we follow and abide by the guidelines and rules of the condominium complex.  We ensure all arrangements with you the condo owner and the concierge are approved first and we ensure to follow all rules including the parking regulations of commercial vehicles, adhering to all the loading restrictions and the use of any service elevators instead of the general elevators used by condo owners and general visitors.

interior painting of condo apartment in Ottawa by PG PAINT & DESIGN painters

The following is a review from a client after we finished painting their downtown Ottawa condo unit.

Ciao Pino, thank you for the amazing painting done in my downtown condo. Both you and Pina are a great team.  Pina is always a pleasure to speak with by phone and the quick email replies were easy to get things started. From start to finish you were both helpful in advice and of course you Pino are fantastic at what you do. You were in and out within a few days and if it weren’t for the fresh paint colour and smell I’d have not known. Very meticulous, clean and ever so friendly. I truly appreciate all the hard work in removing the stipple ceiling and making my condo look so much more modern.  I would recommend Pino as a personal and personable painter.  Everyone works in sync and always available.  Many thanks and continued success. ~ Allan in Ottawa

For All Your Condo Painting Requirements

Whether its condo living, senior or adult living apartment or suite,​ PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa painters provides quality painting at affordable prices with over 30 years of experience.  Read our clients testimonials and reviews about their experience of working with us as their painters of choice.

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