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Super excited is the feeling we get when we’ve just purchased our first home, a new house or a new condo. Among the excitement don’t forget to do the following things either before moving in or very soon thereafter.
We’ve compiled this quick to do list of what to do when moving into a new house.

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List of Things To Do When Moving Into New House

You’re ready for the big move, boxes are packed, movers are planned but have you considered doing the following things first.
changing locks and keys on doors to house
Play on the side of caution and be safe. We recommend the first thing you do is change the locks on all your doors. One can never be too sure how many keys are out there that have been copied. From the family living there before you, to friends and family, the real estate agents and maybe the cleaning lady, and the gardener, anyone can have a copy of that key to your new place.

Change the Locks and Get New Keys

Replacing the locks on the doors to your new house are an easy DIY project or you can hire a local locksmith. These days there are so many options to new door locks. From keyless entry to using an app or sticking to the old school lock and key. Whichever you choose it’s a safe bet and a good investment for your security and peace of mind.

changing the key and door know to house before moving in
Whether you heat your new place with gas furnace, cool it down in the summer with air conditioning, use gas as a source for cooking you should ensure all things are clear and up to code and working properly.
Perfect way to get these things checked is by calling in the experts.  Furnace Factory Direct in Ottawa are specialists in gas, heating, furnace, air conditioning and more.
We think it’s a great idea to start with a duct cleaning as well. It purifies the air for your family when you move in. Getting these mechanical things safety checked before or while moving in will give you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be stuck in the cold at -40 degrees in Ottawa over the winter as well as ensuring you will be able to flick on the switch when all of a sudden summer arrives with a vengeance with +40 degree humidex. Pre planning these services ensures you won’t be paying for any emergency call when things go wrong smack in the middle of winter or summer. Maintenance is key and your peace of mind.

Make Sure all the Electrical is up to Code and Working

Ensuring all the electrical is up to code is always a good idea as well as a safe one. Perhaps it was already covered in the home inspection before you purchased the new place.
If you have anything electrical that is not working properly we advise to call in a professional electrician who is licensed and experienced to do any work. It’s safe and sure when handled by a licensed electrician. Tri-Wave Electric Ltd in Ottawa is a licensed and expert electrician.

maintaining electrical equipment before moving into new house

Painting Before Moving In to New House

If you can plan the painting of your house before you actually move in, it will be easier on both you the homeowner as well as any you may hire.
It’s easier for the homeowner if the house is still void of furniture and belongings. It provides the painter the perfect empty canvas to work in. They will be able to perform all their services without having to cover any furniture.
Repairing drywall, filling in holes, gaps, or cracks, will be easier to sand and finish without furniture in the home. A fresh coat of new paint and colours is a great way to add a new look, and it’s a quick cleaning of all the walls, ceilings etc.

house painting before moving into new house