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Drywall patching and repairs are an important first step to any painting project.  Not preparing dyrwall for painting will affect how the paint application.  Poorly prepped surfaces increases the chances of having all the nail pops, holes, bumps, other imperfections, and any previously patched areas show up affecting the look of the end result.

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Repairs to Drywall

Holes, nail pops, cracks in the walls, trim or baseboards are just a couple of things that can require repairs to the drywall before painting.  Sometimes the repairs can be small patches, easy and quick fixes, while other times sections or entire drywall needs to be replaced.

Patching a ceiling or wall ensures all imperfections are sealed and provides the smooth finish once the paint is applied giving you the best painting like a pro results.

Patching Repairs

It can be the door knob that put a hole through the wall, or water damage to a ceiling, repairs to the drywall can be as easy as patching up the area with drywall compound, sanding and smoothing it down for a smooth finish on which the paint can be applied.

Stipple ceilings require patching repairs if there has been water damage because water stains are common and must be fixed before painting. Use these helpful tips on how to paint over water stains.

Patching and Repairs Before Painting

While there is nothing like a fresh new coat of interior paint to make you feel proud about your home, the one thing that can deflate that feeling would be the fact that so much time and money was wasted with not preparing the walls properly before the paint.

If you paint over walls that have not been properly repaired, sanded to a smooth finish and primed you will find yourself noticing all the drywall imperfections appearing underneath the new paint.

Knowing how to prepare before painting, using the right paint primer along with the right paint finish will avoid you running into problems with having to buy more paint or supplies and tools  and going over the cost budget.  Under or over estimating how much paint is needed could have you stuck with left over paints that are non-refundable.

In the end it can be less expensive and time saving to call in a that has the experience to ensure quality repairs to drywall and quality painting results are achieved.  If you do decide to hire a qualified painter here are a few tips on what you can do to prepare before the painters begin.

Hire a painter with experience in drywall repairs


This post was originally published on Mar 7, 2018 and edited on Apr 13, 2020