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Painting is the most cost effective way to update your home décor and is the quickest way to make any home improvement to either the interior or exterior of your house.  When you are ready to get started on a home improvement project such as painting the inside or outside of your home you want to know you are hiring the best qualified and skilled professionals.

It is the peace of mind in knowing that when you choose the painting services of a company to work with, you can depend on them, trust them and rely on their experience and knowledge to complete the project.

Here is what you need to look for when hiring a professional painting company in Ottawa.

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Painting Services in Ottawa

To ensure you get the best in painting services you want to find painting companies with great client testimonials and reviews, after having asked a friend, family member or neighbor if they can refer anyone they have worked with previously.  Reading online reviews for Ottawa painters is an easy way to find out how about their customer service and the first place to look when narrowing your choices.

To find the best painting contractors in Ottawa you want to look for the type of painting services the offer to determine which one you will need.  While most painting companies offer interior painting and exterior painting, others may also include other services such as drywall repairs, ceiling repairs, minor carpentry repairs and or handyman services as well.

Most painters in Ottawa will provide exceptional condo painting, ensuring all guidelines and rules of the condominium complex are adhered to.  If you are downsizing into a condo apartment, townhouse, senior or adult living style apartment or suite, you want to hire painters with experience in residential painting.

​You want to know who the people that will be working in your home are.  You want to know how many of them will be there, and whether the owner is on site and available, knowing you are hiring and paying for professional painters and not part-time students, temp workers will make all the difference in how you make the final decision as to which company you will choose to work with.

Ottawa painting experts should be prepared and skilled for painting any surface, using the right painting tools & techniques, type of paints, paint primers and ensuring all the necessary pre-painting prep work is completed.

Work with a painter who has experience to help in choosing paint colours, provide you with a consultation before proceeding with the project and give you a full list of all services that will be provided, the paints and primers that will be used, have answers to any questions you may want to ask the painters.  Getting a detailed list that includes things like how many coats are included in the painting estimate and quote, what is being painted whether it is just the walls or will it include ceilings, trim, baseboards and doors.  These are all great questions and details to get cleared up before making the final decision.

Don’t want to be left with higher costs to paint by hiring unskilled and unqualified amateur painters as it will be more expensive than hiring a professional in the end.

Find Best Painters in Ottawa

To find the best painters in Ottawa look for their recent projects to see some of their before and after photos of painting work they’ve done in a neighborhood near you.  Check their social media pages like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Houzz profiles where you can see their individual projects and get updates and ideas on painting and decorating and home improvement ideas.

Look for Ottawa Painters that are passionate about paint and in painting your home.  Trust those that provide service with integrity, respect and professionalism.

Work with local independently owned and operated Ottawa Painters you can trust for your next painting and decorating, home improvement project.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email us to get your personal in-home painting consultation.


This post was originally published on Feb 28, 2016 and edited on June 27, 2021