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Painting in the Spring is the best way to get your Spring Cleaning done

March is a beautiful month as we await the gaining of an hour’s worth of daylight, more sunshine and warmer days, and blooming flowers and the lazy hazy days of summer approaching.

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Have you ever considered how easy it is with a professional house painting job. No seriously, a fresh coat of paint does wonders on how quickly and easily all your spring cleaning can be done.

Reasons to Painting the Interior of your house in the Spring

There are many good reasons to paint the interior of your house in the Spring, we’ll share a few of the ones we’ve been told by some of our clients. When they called to book their interior house painting services with us, they would often tell us it’s so much easier to paint the whole house, it makes it clean, fresh and modern looking, fast and easy with a fresh coat of paint and colour. Now is the time to schedule to get your house painted.

  1. It hasn’t been painted in a several years and it needs a change in paint colours and it helps maintain its beauty.
  2. The spring cleaning is done. As soon as the interior painting is finished the whole house feels and smells clean and fresh.
  3. Thinking of putting the house up for sale on the real estate market, and the realtor has advised to paint the house in neutral paint colours to appeal to all buyers.
  4. Are you moving into or buying a new house, having it professionally painted before moving in puts your stamp on it. It becomes your home.
  5. Get the house painting done before the really busy summer and the get together and activities begin makes perfect sense. This frees up extra time for you to enjoy the short hot Ottawa summers.

Reasons to Painting the Exterior of your house in the Spring

There’s no time like April,May and June to get started on the exterior painting of your home. If our Ottawa weather permits it, April and May are great months to get it done in advance of our short summers. Here are few reasons why we feel it’s important.

  1. The weather in spring (April, May, June) provides great temperatures for the paint as well as for the painters. Paint adheres well and lasts longer and the painters don’t have to work in extreme hot and humid weather of which also not only impedes on the painters health and safety from heat stroke but the paint does not adhere as well in the scorching hot sun. Usually our exterior house Painting services in Ottawa can start anywhere between April to June and of course we do paint in the rest of the summer too. But Spring is the best time to get started.
  2. Spring is a time of year when people are actively looking for a new home. Painting your house will increase your home’s resale value, and it’s curb appeal for you, the potential buyer and of course you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.
  3. Put a smile on your face and your neighbors by adding a fresh coat of paint. It will also serve as a reminder to the neighbors and neighborhood that you take care and maintain your property. Impress everyone with the flawless exterior painting of your front door, garage door, windows, railings etc.
  4. After months of harsh Ottawa winters, your house needs maintenance so that it doesn’t look run down. Painting the exterior of your house will provide a protective layer from moisture and the elements.
  5. By scheduling your exterior house painting early you’ll have more time to enjoy the lazy hazy days of summer, cause our Canadian summers are short enough. Make the time now before the busy months of summer begin.

Read more about exterior painting and maintenance or if you are DIY painting your front door or windows read this before to prevent paint blocking or sticking
When Summer finally does arrive here in Ottawa, you will be the happiest homeowner on the block, because all of your spring cleaning (your interior house painting and exterior house painting) has been completed.

While you sit on your freshly painted porch or deck, relaxing and enjoying the professional painting job already done, and peak over the fence to watch the neighbors sweat, you chuckle to yourself and say… Oh !!! they should call PG Paint & Design to get all their house painting done perfectly and professionally.
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