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Are you wanting to create a stylish new look to your home décor but are worried it just won’t fit your budget?  Re-decorating your space without breaking the bank is entirely possible with a few easy to-do ideas that are budget-friendly and will help bring a brand new look and feel to any space.interior painting condo in Ottawa

With some easy on your wallet DIY projects, or re-using and re-purposing items you may already have, you might be able to tackle any of these ideas as a weekend project.  Redecorating doesn’t mean you have to pass up on style either, as there are budget friendly ways to update the look of any room even if you are counting pennies.  Here are a few of our favourite tips for decorating on a budget.

How To Decorate On A Budget

Making your home look amazing without spending a fortune is possible with a few simple tips and ideas.  From re-purposing what you already have to buying previously loved and used items, decorating on a budget can be affordable.  The following ideas can help guide you on how to decorate on a budget to update the look of your space.


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update a room is with a fresh coat of paint.  Painting a room instantly changes the look and gives you a quick and affordable update.  Here are a few other tips to help guide you to getting that new look for your space all while saving you money.

Painting an accent wall is a very cost-effective way to add a pop of colour to any room or open concept space.  By creating a focal wall it can instantly add drama to any room and can easily and affordably be changed any time.  Paint colours will update any room in your house in a very budget friendly way whether you choose to do your own painting or if your budget allows consider hiring professional, reliable expert painters near you.

Painting it yourself will save you money since you won’t have to hire a professional, you just need to buy paint, some supplies and follow some useful how to tips to help get you started.

Clean & Declutter

Decluttering can be stressful but once it’s done you will have a feeling of satisfaction and will undoubtedly have gained more space.  Start by cleaning out closets, basements and garages with clothing items, furniture, appliances and other household items that are no longer being used and donate them to one of the local thrift stores in Ottawa.  Get rid of clutter, arrange things in groups, and display small items like a picture or some flowers to help keep it looking fresh, clean and tidy.

Add Art Work

An easy way to quickly update the look of a room on a budget is to simply change up or add a new picture or some art work.  It doesn’t have to be a Michaelango or Picasso painting but a print or copy that can be purchased at your local home décor store can quickly add a new look to a room.

Why not print and frame some of the pictures stored on your phones or hiding in albums in a drawer of vacations, family photos to help create a gallery wall of memories.  By sifting through some of the collections of photos you already have you instantly achieve a new look with loads of personality and character.  If your still set on adding a piece of art work why not support local Ottawa artists if your budget allows.

Re-use, Recycle and Repurpose

Make the most of what you already have by checking closets, basements and garages for things you already have and can re-use for a different purpose.  Shop at local Ottawa flea markets for great finds on antiques or items no longer used by previous owner to save money.

Thrift shopping is a great way to save you money by buying a previously loved piece of furniture or home décor item when decorating on a budget.  You might be able to find those items that are in perfect condition and if you don’t you can easily give them some TLC with a touch up of paint or sometimes all they need is a good cleaning.

Create Ambiance

Add candles and some fresh or faux flowers to a dining room table, coffee or end table to create a cozy atmosphere.  Adding live or faux greenery and flowers to a space will instantly add a chic decor look at a very low affordable price.

Add some new pillows, a blanket or throw, a new area rug to any room for a quick new look

Tips on Saving Money for Home Decorating

While there are many ways to saving money for home decorating by some of the ideas previously mentioned there’s more ways than not where you can save money while decorating your home.  These tips can prove helpful.

Tip 1 – Repurpose what you already have in your basement, garage or closet instead of buying new.

Tip 2 – Buy second hand – instead of shelling out a fortune on brand new items think about heading to a local thrift shop or flea market for a previously loved item at a fraction of the cost of new.

Tip 3 – Try to do what you can on your own.  Install any tiles, flooring, trim, baseboards etc. on your own.  Do it yourself projects will save you huge when decorating on a budget.

Tip 4 – If your kitchen and bathroom are two rooms you want to give a makeover to but can’t afford new cabinetry or granite countertops start by changing out the handles or knobs on the cabinet doors and the vanity.

Tip 5 – Re-arrange the furniture placement in a room instead of going to buy new furniture.  Re-organizing a room by moving the furniture in different places will give your space that update without having spent a single dime.

Tip 6 – Give new life to an end table, night stand, coffee table or other furniture item with some paint.  It won’t cost you much but will definitely add that pop of colour to any room.

Affordable Decorating Ideas

If you are looking to update your home, condo or apartment without spending an enormous amount of money start with one room at a time.  Don’t try to do everything at once as it can be overwhelming.

Collect ideas from home décor magazines or house painting photos on pinterest to get ideas about the colours you may want to add to your space.  Sometimes it can simply be as easy as adding a few new pillows or a blanket, or an area rug to a space that can instantly add that pop of colour to a room without it being a huge investment.

Cost effective ways to add a new look to a bedroom is to buy a new bedspread or curtains, for a bathroom it can be as simple as a new shower curtain and towels and for a kitchen where its hard to afford new cabinetry and granite countertops, you can affordably replace the handles or knobs to instantly make it look different.

You can give new life to an end table, night stand, coffee table or other furniture item with some paint.  By painting furniture you add that pop of colour to accentuate any room and update your space without the hefty cost of buying new.

Painting A Room Is A Budget Friendly Way to Redecorate

With proper planning of time, materials and supplies tackling a DIY painting project is a very budget friendly way to redecorate your space.  To help get you started we put the following how to tips and advice to help guide you plan for it.

To transform your space you can follow tips on “how to paint the interior of a house” where you can learn about the importance of using a paint primer, doing all the necessary prep work like patching to repairing any drywall damage to ensure your end results come out a close to perfection as possible.

It’s important to learn what the difference is between the paint finishes as to better understand what is a paint sheen or finish so that when it comes to how to choose the perfect paint colours for your home décor update you will be sure to have all the information needed on how to pick the right paint.

Useful tips and advice on how to prepare a room for painting especially if you are removing or painting over wallpaper are not only helpful and useful tips to have but are important to know so that all your DIY efforts aren’t lost.

By following the interior painting tips and advice from professional painters it can ensure your DIY painting project goes as smooth as possible with a professional end result.  For more tips and advice visit our house painting blog.

If the services of professional painters in Ottawa fits your budget, connect with us to obtain a painting estimate and quote.


This post was originally published Jan 02,2021 and updated on August 29, 2021