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Paint Colours tell stories and reflect our personalities.  Picking colours when painting your house reflects your character and personality of which creates the ambience in your home.

From the clear blue morning sky, to the white fluffy clouds and the bright warm yellow glow of the sun colours are a part of our everyday.  We decide on the colour we will wear on any given day, to the colour of the car we want to drive and our personality is a big influence on how we choose.

Our favourite colours tell stories of our outlook on life itself as well as give others a glimpse into our character.  It influences on everything from how we feel about ourselves and others, relationships, family and friends and even our love lives.

Colour Personality

What is your favourite colour?  Have you ever noticed if it describes your character or personality in any way.  You will be surprised to see that the colours you tend to stick to the most are the ones that best describe you.  Find out what your favourite colour says about you in the descriptions below.

The Colour Yellow

From mellow to bright the colour yellow best describes the personalities of those who are optimistic and energetic.  These individuals are also practical, faithful and sensible.

yellow colour
It is also said that those who melt for the colour yellow are best described as optimists, who are idealistic and practical. They believe in Karma of being kind, thoughtful and generous to everyone.

Responsible, Helpful and Trusting are also traits of the yellow personality. They are neither negative nor pessimistic, but rather very caring and responsible individuals who would go out on a limb for a dear friend, family member or sometimes even a total stranger.

The Colour Purple

Charismatic, Sensitive, Gentle and Supportive

purple colour
The characteristics of the purple personality is of those who are creative dreamers, artistic, emotional and reserved. While they do enjoy their solitude to be creative in their passions, they are always curious and imaginative. The gentle traits of the purple personality makes them the most trusted and compassionate friends, companions and lovers. Their creativity is abundant in drawing, painting, and or writing.

The Colour Orange

Kindhearted , Playful, Energetic, Generous, Open-minded.

orange colour
Those who love the colour orange enjoy an active lifestyle. They love to be the focus of attention and make great public speakers. They are caring warm and very giving. They make great friends because they are great listeners.

The Colour Blue

Sincere, Kind and Sympathetic, Idealistic, Romantic, Loyal and Empathetic

blue colour
People who choose the colour blue as their favourite go to colour are sensitive and calm. Enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of nature and tranquil blue waters. They continually do good onto others as they have big hearts, are hopeless romantics and have hope and faith in everyone and everything.

The Colour Red

Ambitious, Confident, Determined and Passionate

red colour
The red colour personality trait is that of a passionate, dominant and ambitious individual. Feeling confident in themselves and their goals, they are a no nonsense type and do not hesitate to voice their honest opinion. Strong willed and determined, and commonly referred to as firecrackers. They are very loyal to family and friends and although they may have many friends they are only very close to a select few.

The Colour Green

Curious, Intellectual, Powerful and Introverted

green colour
Their endless curiosity of the world and people around them are the character traits of the green colour personality. They are highly intellectual, yet sarcastic and only engage in relationships with those who truly understand and appreciate them for their true selves. They have a great love for nature and all it’s beauty.

Paint Colours and Personality

We tend to give a lot of thought and time to picking the paint colours for our homes that best reflect our personality.  Understanding the power of the colour choices will give us ideas as to how they affect our mood and energy levels.

Whether it’s from our passion, our sensitive kind heartedness, our curiosity and love of nature, choosing paint colours will have us feeling comfortable in our surroundings making our house feel like that coziest retreat to look forward to ending each day in.

So which colour best describes you or someone you know?

If you are hiring a  they can help you choose the best colour to match your personality with a consultation, and guide you to pick the right paint to provide advice and tips on how to get the best painting results for your project.

Contact a painting company in Ottawa to get started on personalizing your home with colours.


This post was originally published on October 29, 2017 and  updated on April 09, 2020