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Colours affect our mood and energy levels more than we can imagine.  Understanding the psychology of paint colours will help guide you through the decision making process the next time you are choosing new paint colours when painting your house or home.
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The colour purple in a soft hue is relaxing and comforting.  Just like a bouquet of lilac flowers or lavendar they promote relaxation and calmness.  Purple or violet both promote the healing powers of calming the brain and nervous system.  It is probably why most spas us it to promote relaxation in their establishments.

Understanding The Power In Colours for Painting

Reaction to colour is subjective to each individual.  It is a form of expressing your personality by selecting types of colours that display particular responses.  From the memory of a perfect vacation, with the bright yellow sun beaming through your hotel window, or the pure white of a cloud in the sky, the royal blue of the waters or the light beige of the sparkling sand.  Whatever you get from certain colours it most definitely promotes a feeling.

What is your colour personality, when it comes to home decorating.  Do you choose warm colours like red, yellow, or orange that can be seen as signs of aggressiveness or cool colours like greens and blues that transmit calmness.

Understanding how we react to colours is one of the reasons you need to take the time to choose the right paint colours for your next house painting project.

Understanding The Psychology of Colours

Colours are more than just a visual experience.  Because they can affect our mood and emotion, understanding the psychology of colours helps us better understand our selection and choices.

Let’s see what the meaning behind some colours is and how it affects our moods and emotions.

Blue is a popular colour that reminds us of the ocean waters, the endless blue sky, inspiring us to be calm and tranquil.  Blue is a great colour for bedrooms as it promotes calmness and serenity and without a doubt a good night’s sleep.  It can also promote relaxation if painted in a bathroom.

Yellow makes us smile and promotes the feeling of happiness.  It symbolizes optimism and inspiration.

Purple is a stimuli colour that inspires creativity.  It brings a sense of serenity and relaxation in any room.  Painting a room in a calming and soothing shade of a purple like lilac or violet will guarantee you a good night’s sleep, or the perfect room to read a book.

Red usually represents love.  It promotes excitement and energy.  It is said that those that like red are confident, passionate, and energetic.  Red would not be a colour you would want to paint a bedroom in as you don’t want it to promote energy, but painting the dining room or play room in red would invite the perfect energy for family and friends to dine together and in kid’s play rooms.

Green Relaxing yet energizing at the same time.  Perhaps because green is the colour of nature and we are surrounded by it’s beauty every day.  Different shades of green will invoke different feelings.  You can get the feeling of energy from some greens, peace and tranquility from certain shades of green and from other greens well… they just might be a turn off.  Bring balance and stability into a room by painting it a soft hue of green like benjamin moore’s misted green.

Pink is romantic and feminine.  Its delicate innocence is part of the red colour family.  It is a tranquil colour that works perfectly in a little girl’s room, or any bedroom.

Brown if you love the colour brown you are known to be simple, secure and content.  Brown represents the earth and is a colour in nature that all nature lovers pull too.

Orange symbolizes warmth and balance, vibrant and enthusiastic are those who like orange colours.  They tend to be friendly and easy to get along with.  Painting a dining room in a shade of orange can stimulate the appetite.

Silver means wealth and prosperity.  It is said that those who like the colour of silver have a sense of style and are motivated.  Most people will mot paint the colour silver on the walls but certain shades of gray can be considered silverish.

White is fresh, crisp, clean, and pure.  It promotes the feelings of clean and purity.  Warm shades of white like chantilly lace help make a room feel cozy.

Black is powerful yet elegant.  Those who like the colour black are believed to be sophisticated and ambitious.  Add to the mystery of the power of black it portrays elegance, but too much black can be depressing too.  While painting a focal or accent wall in a shade of black would be desirable, using accessories like lamps, area rugs or a piece of furniture in black simply adds the splash of colour and enough drama you were looking for.

Gray is a timeless classic that blends well with many paint colours.  Intelligence, elegance and discipline are three ways to describe the different shades of gray you can choose for painting any room.

Harmonize Your Home With Paint Colours

Surround yourself with colour to bring you serenity and tranquil spaces.  Painting in neutral  in any shade of colour is a way to combine soft and calm environments in any space.  Dark and bold colours are perfect for highlighting a special room or space.

Whites and Beiges are not as boring as they used to be thought of.  Neutral paint colours are popular in browns, grays, blues and greens and some can also help make a small room look and feel larger.

If you are doing your own DIY painting have fun picking out your favourite colours, if stressing over how to combine or introduce different colours into your home environment has you concerned, simply ask a painting contractor to help.  The most experienced painters have a keen eye and enough years of being in the industry to be able to give ideas and suggestions through a paint colour consultation.

Going through online websites or paint colour samples is not always easy, a local Ottawa painter can be able to offer suggestions on how to choose paint colours and assist you in creating the ambience you want for your interior house painting project or give the outside of your house the best looking exterior house painting to stand out in the neighborhood.

Get started bringing colour into your home by contacting painting companies in Ottawa area

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