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Scheduling an appointment with a painting company is the best way to get an accurate house painting estimate and quote for the work a homeowner wants to get done.  There is a process that a painter who visits with you in your home will go through in order to get you the fairest price.

The best painters who are reliable, experienced,  knowledgeable will usually ask the homeowner questions such as which rooms are to be painted, does the ceiling, baseboards, trim and doors need to be painted or is it just the walls.  They will do a walk-through of each of the spaces you need the work done, inform you of all the prep-work they will do before painting, provide you a list of all the services they will provide and include them in the painting estimate.

An in home consultation will also give the homeowner the opportunity to get to know the painter who will be working in their home and the opportunity to ask the painter any question about the scope of the work.

Painting Estimate Form from PG PAINT & DESIGN House Painters in Ottawa

On occasion we get asked by a call or email from those searching for ballpark figures for a painting estimate.  We let them know that a rough estimate over the phone or via email is usually not the best way to get a quote.

We understand the concerns of our valued clients, and take their individual situations into consideration such as decorating on a budget, and advise them that it is in their own best interest to meet with the painting contractor, discuss the requirements of the project, ask questions about the painting work to be done and take the opportunity to get a better understanding of the person or people who will be working inside their homes and around their family and pets.

We outline a few important points below for you that can be used as a guideline when you are searching to find a painter in Ottawa .   To quickly connect and book an appointment for an in home consultation and painting quote simply complete this form.

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    How Does A Painter Give a Painting Estimate?

    Shopping for a house painter is not like ordering a pizza, there are details that the homeowner should discuss with the painter so that everything is clearly outlined.   Details of all the services that will be provided, and the quality of paint products that will be used along with a break down of cost of paint,  and other materials, including labour and taxes.  These are details that are in the best interest of both parties, in order to avoid any surprises throughout the project.

    When homeowners are looking to have interior painting of a room or the entire house painted, they call on a in order to receive an accurate estimate.  Here is a quick break down of what you can expect when hiring a painter to paint any or all the rooms in your house, condo, apartment or space.

    Step 1.

    The homeowner may have the measurements (the square footage of each room) if not the painter may take the necessary measurements.  We say may take the necessary measurements because most experienced painters will know the square footage just by looking.  They have years of experience , knowledge and expertise that they can give you an accurate quote without measuring

    Step 2.

    A painter will go through the house with the owner to discuss the areas to be painted.  Homeowners may just want the walls painted, while other time the full service painting is what they are looking for and that would include the ceiling, baseboards, trim and doors.

    Step 3.

    All the details such as any drywall repairs , filling of nail pops, sanding, and caulking are to be included when estimating the cost of supplies, materials and labour when getting a painting quote.  Other details would be, how many colours are allowed to be choosen that are included in the quote, and if darker colours are requested then that may consist of extra coats of paint for best coverage, as well as paint primers the types of paints to be used are all details that should be in your quote.

    Interior Painting Estimates

    Estimates for painting the interior of a house are usually based on using the regular line of paint product, application of an interior paint primer is the base to start with and for best results use a primer and 2 coats of paint finish.

    It usually is a given when you hire a painter that the walls will be painted, but it needs to be specified during the consultation as to whether other areas of the rooms are to be included in the calculation of the painting quote.

    • Do the ceilings, trim, baseboards, window frames and doors and door frames need to be painted
    • Caulking to seal any gaps around door frames, windows, baseboards or decorative trim
    • Does the drywall need repairing or patching
    • Is it a stipple ceiling or flat ceiling
    • Is there repairs to drywall from wall paper to be removed
    • Does large furniture need to be moved
    • Are closets included in the painting
    • Stairways, high ceilings, cathedral ceilings

    The homeowner may take on the initiative to prepare before the painters arrive, in order that priceless items such as art, collectibles and family heirlooms are preserved and out of the way.

    Exterior Painting Estimates

    Estimates for exterior painting services are usually based on the condition of the exterior surface to be painted or stained.

    Painters will take into account if there is any pressure washing or hand sanding to be done or if there is any wood that needs to be replaced because of deterioration to the exterior surface before any new paint is applied and ensuring the caulking of any gaps around the exterior.

    It’s always a good idea to use the appropriate exterior paint primer and at minimum 2 coats of paint or stain.  Maintaining the exterior of your home with paint and TLC helps to keep it looking it’s best.

    The type of paint finish or sheen is also a decision the homeowner needs to make. Again the painter may make a recommendation as to which is best for the customers budget as well as the specific area that the paint will be applied.

    Get A House Painting Estimate

    Factoring all of the above for either interior or exterior painting, make a good decision by contacting a painter to meet and thoroughly discuss the requirements of your individual painting project and get a painting estimate.


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