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Searching to find the best rated painting contractors in Ottawa can be an overwhelming task that can become daunting with the abundance of choices for homeowners today.  Your search may even begin to feel like painting your house, apartment or condo would be something you would not want to tackle nor consider.  Contact PG PAINT & DESIGN Painters In Ottawa for you next home painting Don’t give up just yet, we’ve put together our expert advice to help you navigate through your search so that you have all the right information on what to look for when hiring a painter.  In spite of the pages and pages of results from google searches claiming to be professional, experienced, reliable, trusted and affordable painting contractors in the OttawaOntario area, we break it down for you to help make it easier to quickly find the best painting contractor to work with.

How To Find Painters in Ottawa

Today most painting companies in Ottawa all have an online presence.  Their website is a great place to begin to get a feel of which painting companies you might consider hiring.

If you haven’t searched online as of yet, here are some example search queries you can type to get started.

Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring Painters in Ottawa

When searching for painting companies in Ottawa or painting contractors all homeowners should do their homework.  Here are 3 important factors and tips you need to consider when you are trying to find painters in home consultations and painting estimates from painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN

  1. Read through the testimonials on their website along with reviews to get a feel of what others experiences on having this painting company working for them in their homes.
  2. Read through some of the other pages on the site to get to know the company and the person who will be working in your home. After all, your home is your castle your personal space, and you should only consider choosing professional painters with industry experience, and great customer service.
  3. Do not limit yourself to one or two, try to search for at least three different painting contractors.  After you have researched their online presence decide on which you will invite into your home.
  4. Once you have decided on which three painting contractors you will obtain a painting estimate or quote, call them or send them an email through a simple to fill out contact form on the website.
  5. Once you are happy with at least 3 reputable and competitive price estimates from painting companies in Ottawa, it is time to set up an appointment to have the painter come by for an in-home consultation with you to discuss the details of the project.  You can be prepared with your list of questions to ask during the in-home consultation.
  6. Try not to base your decision solely on the price, instead contact at least three different companies to obtain quotes because this can provide you with comparison options. Keep in mind that lowest price is not always the best quality especially when it comes to painting houses. Instead try to base your decision on how that person made you feel when you met to discuss the painting quote and the work involved, and did they have the knowledge and experience.

List of Questions to Ask Painting Contractors Before Hiring

Knowing that not all paints are created equal, meaning, even if the company is a professional painting contractor does not mean you should simply hire them based on their quotes. Instead, find out exactly what type of work will be completed before the project begins.


Here are some useful questions to ask the painter so that you’ll get better outcomes.

  • What are the services provided?  For example: you may just want the walls painted and not the ceiling or trim.
  • Will you paint the doors or window frame?
  • What paint brush types will be used? Roller, airbrush, brush or others.
  • How many coats of paint is required for quality finish? 1, 2, 3 or more.
  • What type and brand of paint will be used? Water-based, gloss, oil-based. There is a difference between the water and latex paints

These are a few important details you will want to discuss during the initial meeting.
An in-home estimate and consultation can provide you the opportunity to meet with those that will be working in your home.  It will also give you the opportunity to learn how much knowledge and experience these painters and or painting company has, and will allow you that one to one conversation that will most definitely give homeowners a certain comfort level of knowing who they will be inviting into their home and around their family.

Here at PG PAINT & DESIGN We Bring Your Colours to Life

You may at this stage completely skip all the research process and contact us when searching for painting contractors in Ottawa.  Customers have taken the time to provide their feedback on google and you can read a few of them in the photo below.  Read all the reviews for house painters in for painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN


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Originally published on May 27, 2018 and updated on December 18, 2021