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Living rooms and dining rooms are the spaces we use to gather with family and friends. From the simple family dinners to the movie night get together the two rooms are often used together. We create the perfect spaces to enjoy a comfortable home atmosphere.  They tend to showcase the décor of the entire home.

dining living room open concept space with new interior painting

The paint colours we tend to choose for living rooms and or dining rooms have much to do with our personalities.  Although a lot of daily activities happen in each of these rooms the frequency of how often to paint rooms they should be painted will vary, although the 5 to 7 year time frame is common with homeowners.

Painting A Living Room

When deciding on colours to paint the living room , most homeowners tend to choose modern popular colours that will create the perfect home and family atmosphere. It’s a balancing act between the dark and neutral paint colours that can become overwhelming.

If the committment to painting a dark colour in any room creates difficulties for you then you can always try painting just one wall. It creates a new look to your space without committing to the darker colour in the entire room.

Painting A Dining Room

Create the perfect balance between the dining room and living room by choosing the right paint finish and by using the same paint colour throughout.  It provides that look of a larger area and makes the area into an open concept space.

The paint tends to last in these room even though they are used often.  The furniture, the drapes or window treatments, floor lamps, plants can all be used as buffers to keep the walls from being touched, scratched or scuffed up in any way.

If you use the better paint products and ensure the proper prep work is done, such as patching or repairing the drywall the paint on the walls will last a long time.

Every room in the house deserves that perfect choice of colour. From the front entrance hallway to the bedroom, and every room in between.

If you need to hire a painter to help with your project make sure you know who you are hiring. Always visit the website of a near you, read online reviews to help you make that decision when getting a painting estimate.
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