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Going back to the nostalgic times of the 70’s and 80’s where pink and beige were the trending neutral paint colours in home décor we’d have to say that neutrals have come a long way.neutral pink paint colour

If you think going neutral is still boring today we’d have to disagree as paint manufacturing companies today have come up with hundreds of new neutrals to suit any interior home décor colour palette.  The constant change in trends for interior house painting leaves no limit to homeowners looking for inspiration to paint their homes.

Let’s take a peek at how some of the popular neutrals in shades of gray, greens, blues and browns than can fit your home décor update.

Picking The Best Neutral Paint Colours

What was once thought as the only choice in neutrals going for off-white or beige colours doesn’t mean that painting neutral has to be boring.

Whites and beiges are still popular today thanks to their many undertones and hues.

Keeping in mind tips for choosing paint colours that neutrals create a harmonized environment for every room in the house.  The cool undertones create a modern chic look which is currently on trend while the warm shades will forever be the ones that give us comfort and create a cozy feel of relaxation.

White paint colours on walls are like a blank canvas where you can add your individual personality and creativity by choosing bolder colours for furniture and accessories.

Take a peek at some white paint colours from Benjamin Moore Paints that show how diverse and refreshing white paint colours are.  Be mindful of how the natural and artificial lighting affects the end results.

Trending Neutral Paint Colours

Over the past few years neutral colours for painting interiors of homes are trending and popular.

From the different shades of grays to the many shades of whites here’s our list of some of the best paint colours that have been popular for home painting in Ottawa.

Neutral Gray Paint Colours

Today’s variety of neutral shades of gray paint colours come in many different hues and tones that bring the modern and chic look to any décor.neutral gray paint colours

Gray’s are the perfect neutral to paint any space and are commonly used in home office spaces, bedrooms along with open concept living areas and are so versatile that they suit any space.

While gray might be considered a cool tone for painting any room, it’s diversity from light to dark hues and tones won’t over or under power the space it’s meant for.

Neutral Blue Paint Colours

Choosing a neutral blue paint colour helps create a feeling of relaxation and serenity.  Calm like the blue sky or the ocean gives us that feel of tranquility.

Painting a bathroom in a light shade of neutral blue will create that zen or spa like atmosphere while adding a dark shade on a focal or accent wall will add that pop of colour that adds just the right punch to a room.neutral blue paint colours

Harmonize the space by accentuating with colours like silvers, dark browns and blacks in your furniture and accessories to add that perfect flare.

Light to dark shades of blues are popular for painting in bedrooms, family and living rooms.

Neutral Green Paint Colours

Painting in a neutral green paint colour reminds of the beauty of nature and the great outdoors and creates that harmony of peace.

If you’re considering going with a neutral green colour palette there’s an abundance of choice to go by.  Take a peek at some of Benjamin Moore’s greensneutral green paint colours

Painting the entire house or just a room or two with a green paint colour will bring balance and harmony with a green paint colour.

Neutral Brown Paint Colours

Shades of brown in light or dark are neutral as they are the colours of the earth.  They add elegance, feeling of security and warmth.neutral brown paint colours

Browns are not only a neutral paint colour but they are also a natural.  Popular in basements, theatre rooms, family rooms and entrances they can be the perfect neutral for any space.

Neutral Taupe Paint Colours

Taupe is the perfect paint colour choice to bring that feeling of calm.  It helps bring quiet to a room making it feel comfy, harmonious and tranquil.

neutral paint colours interiors

Working with dark coloured furnishings and accessories will help give you that feeling of home.

Dark espresso, chocolate, silvers and light blues almost silvery blues are great accent pieces to fit into your décor with a neutral taupe paint colour palette.  Popular in bedrooms, bathrooms and family rooms.

Neutral White and Off-White Paint Colours

White is not just white anymore as there are many different shades of light whites and off whites that help bring a brighter look and feel to a smaller room or to simply to any trim, cove molding or other wood architecture in the home.interior neutral paint colours

Very popular in the past two years of painting Ottawa area homes has been chantilly lace from benjamin moore paints.

A slightly off-white soft paint colour that highlights any bold dark colours just like cloud white which has also been a popular choice where the feeling of openness, fresh and a chic look is desired.

These two popular neutral white paint colours are commonly used in painting of trim, baseboards, doors and window frames and can be used to highlight a darker colour in the décor scheme.

It has been popular for painting kitchens, foyers, living rooms and very popular in painting condos with open space areas.

Painting in Neutral

Get a crisp, clean and bright look from painting in any shade of white or get the look of luxury from deeper colours like gray’s, greens, blues and browns, neutrals are timeless and add sophistication to any room in your home.

You too can achieve a harmonized environment by understanding the psychology behind choosing neutral paint colours that bring your personality into your space.

Going with a neutral paint colour scheme can be achieved on your own, through the help of a paint colour consultation from an interior designer or with the guidance of professional painters.

Professional painters can help guide you through the process of choosing the right paint colours, the best paint finish for the space and offer advice on things like how often your home needs painting along with many other tips and advice that can help you achieve that perfect look and feel to your home décor.

Whether your decorating on a budget or completely transforming your home with a fresh coat of paint and some new colours, schedule a painting estimate with painting companies in Ottawa today.

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This post was originally published on May 08, 2017 and edited on June 08, 2021