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There are so many reasons we become emotionally attached to our homes.  Perhaps it’s the memories we create over the years, the exciting moments of moving in to our first home, or the precious years of raising a family in the same house.  It’s these sentiments that make it hard to sell your home. 

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Painting the interior and exterior of your Ottawa home can help you get it sold faster.

If you’ve made the decision to move on from your home by listing it for sale we have a few tips on helping you sell it faster.

How To Sell Your Ottawa Faster

Updating your home before listing it for sale in the Ottawa real estate market is as fast and inexpensive as a simple fresh coat of paint.  To help get you started here are a few important things you can do to help you sell it faster.


By painting the interior and exterior of your home you not only add the curb appeal to potential buyers but it also helps to show that the outside of your home is well maintained and entices the buyers to want to walk inside.

A refresh of the inside of your home’s paint colours helps it to look modern and entices the new home buyer to envision themselves moving in.

Ready To Sell Your Ottawa Home

Update with some fresh paint colours

If you’ve made the decision to move and are selling or buying consider painting the interior or exterior as an inexpensive way to quickly update your home and get it ready for the Ottawa real estate market. 

Choosing the right paint colour will add value to your home and that is why it’s important to choose wisely. 

 Although you may have loved that dark accent or focal wall you painted when you first moved in, the potential buyers may not be as enthusiastic. 

The perfect solution when repainting your home and staging it for sale is painting in a shade of any neutral paint colours to keep things looking and feeling comfy and cozy. 

To help make things easier and take one thing off your moving in to-do list, hire the painting services of expert painters in Ottawa you can trust to help you get your new house painted effortlessly.


We tend to personalize our spaces with our own personality and it’s what makes a house a home. 

However new buyers will feel less comfortable if all your personal items are left out on display.  It’s important to remove items and de-clutter spaces to help the new buyers envision themselves in that space.

While we define every room by the colours of the interior painting, the art work we choose, and everyday things left on counters  and floors it’s important to make sure that your home is always ready to view by packing things up and getting them ready for moving day ahead of time.

Hire Professionals To Paint

Getting a house ready for the real estate market by hiring a painting company in Ottawa is a wise investment that will help increase it resale value.

I would highly recommend PG PAINT & DESIGN Ottawa painters to anyone.  I was preparing my home for sale and it needed to be painted and various touch-ups throughout. Pino did an excellent job, on time and within budget. He even made suggestions on how I could improve the appearance of my home for resale. My home conditionally sold within 48 hours of being listed. I feel that Pino’s work was one of the reasons this happened. I will be hiring Pino again when it comes time to paint my new condo. It is always a pleasure working with Pino.

Hiring the best painters in Ottawa to get started on the updating of your homes paint colours will help you get it sold faster.  

This post was originally published on Oct 15, 2019 and edited on Jan 25, 2022