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If you are planning on selling your house in Ottawa in the near future and hoping it gets sold faster it is possible with just a simple refresh of a new coat of paint.

Painting before selling is an inexpensive investment to get a higher rate of return.  It a quick and cost effect way to update the look to a home and help you get it sold faster.

Paint Helps Sell Your House Faster

A fresh coat of paint especially in a modern neutral tone will give your home the perfect refresh for the listing in the Ottawa Real Estate Market.  Some paint colours work best to help get it sold quickly.interior painting by painters in Ottawa

Neutral Paint Colours

When you want to stay on the safe side of choosing the best paint colours when repainting your home, typically neutrals always seem to be the perfect go to colour palette.  Whether it’s the perfect shade of gray, beige,  green or blue there is a neutral hue and tone for every room and in every colour.

Neutrals can help improve the marketing and resale value of your home and brings that perfect feel of cozy and comfort to the home décor that makes every house feel like home.

Light Paint Colour Palettes

Painting a room or entire house in a white paint can make any room appear larger especially if there are a lot of windows that let the daylight in .

White paint is the most neutral as it is the basic of basics for neutral decorating schemes.  It is a fresh, clean and crisp paint colour that blends perfectly with any colour of furniture and accessories.

Add an element of drama and interest to a space that is all white by painting a focal wall in a different colour to accentuate.painting of staircase in blue paint colour by painters in Ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN

Dark Paint Colour Palettes

Dark hues and tones in any paint colour will most definitely add a punch of drama to any home décor.

They can be perfect for places like an entrance foyer or in a bedroom or family room.  You want to try and stay away from dark colours or accents if you are trying to sell you home since painting in one neutral seems to be more attractive to potential buyers.

What Helps Sell House Faster

Quick, easy and cost-effective updates to help you sell your house faster is as easy as updating with a fresh coat to the interior painting.

What is also important and valuable is to ensure all the maintenance and painting the exterior are all updated.  Ensuring there is no visible peeling paint or cracking paint helps ensure you give your home the best possible chance of appealing to all buyers.

Painting the front door in an attractive fresh paint colour will most likely invite more buyers to your property.

We hope you have found this information helpful, if you have questions contact your local Ottawa House PaintersPG Paint & Design to set up an estimate and paint colour consultation.


This post was originally published on April 22, 2017 and edited on May 21, 2021