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The art of painting and decorating a home can be physically challenging and demanding as it requires hours of standing, using a lot of strength from arms and legs to constantly go up and down ladders to reach places above the head like high ceilings or high spaces on the exterior of homes.

This article explains more about what painters and decorators do in an attempt to better understand how hard the work actually is.interior painting of living room area

What is A Painter

A painter is a skilled professional that applies paint, stains and other coatings to interior and exterior surfaces.  Painters can also remove or install wallpaper, repair or install drywall, remove, fix repair stipple or popcorn ceilings.

The duties of painters include the application of paint, stain or other coatings with paint brushes, paint rollers or by spray painting equipment.  Preparation of interior and exterior surfaces before paint by ensuring all prep work is done beforehand.

By ensuring the minor details like nail pops, dents, holes or other imperfections to any of the drywall surfaces, caulking and sealing any gaps or replacing any exterior wood for outside painting work are all repaired and taken care of before any paint is applied are the key features in your knowing you have hired the best painters in your area.

Expert painters have the knowledge and experience to advise and consult with consumers about their paint colour selection and help guide them in their search and choice.  They have the expertise to advise on which paint is the best to use for your specific project and provide you with the guidance to choose the right paint primer, the best quality paint product, explain the difference between oil-based paints and water-based paints  and offer advice and answers to any of your questions.

Professional painters will provide quotes and estimates on the cost of painting your spaces, the cost of buying paint and any other types of service that may be requested from their painting services menu.

Painters will typically work 40 hour work weeks which consist of the usual 8 hours a day, Monday to Fridays.  Some painters will work weekends during their busiest season which tends to be between April and October when on top of the demand for interior painting services there is a higher one for exterior painting services.

There are many self-employed painters that work alone, own their own painting company while others are subcontracted by larger painting companies in Ottawa or are hired as their employees.  Self-employed painters typically specialize in the repainting of residential spaces such as condo apartments, and homes.  Self-employed painters do not typically take on the bigger task of painting commercial spaces or buildings as this requires much manpower and the need to hire employees.

The other difference between self-employed owners and painters provide you with consistent quality workmanship and years of experience and craftsmanship, and they alone represent they brand and company where as compared to the bigger painting companies who have to hire subcontractors or employees.

What is A Decorator

There are similarities between an interior decorator and an interior designer with just a slight difference between the two professions.  Here is a brief explanation on how the two are different.

An interior designer goes through a two to four year program to become a certified interior designer, and have to pass exams.  Designers are skilled and knowledgeable in being able to plan out spaces and create functionality in spaces and layouts where they did not exist before.

You need to hire interior designers when you are planning any major renovations, additions or remodelling to your home that may affect structural or functional changes to the build of the home.  They will take care of aligning all the necessary contractors and handle all the fine details for you.

Interior decorators are more aesthetics oriented and focus more on the décor details and do not require attending any educational program.  Decorators can help homeowners with colour schemes, buying decorative accessories, arranging wall art or furniture to make the room look its best.  Interior decorators can be hired to help you stage a home or condo if you are selling it, or if you just aren’t sure about what colours go together best and you need inspiration for a room makeover.

What does A Painting & Decorating Company Do

A painting and decorating company is the combination of the experience, knowledge and expertise of a painter who knows how to choose paint colours.   Can assist you with matching the most popular paint colours in home decor today.  Help you choose the best neutral or gray paint colours to accessorize your space and help keep things within your budget while saving money for home decorating.

Find A Painter in Ottawa

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This article was originally published on May 20, 2017 and edited on June 27, 2021