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lady sitting at window looking at snow
Winter in Ottawa is long and cold. Why not consider boosting your mood with a new paint colour.
Painting in the winter is a great opportunity to beat the winter blahs, improve the look of your homes Interior and give that feeling of spring being around the corner an earlier arrival.

Having survived the Christmas holidays, the celebrations of the new year, resolve one of the resolutions with a fresh paint colour. Find out how the power of paint can give you and your home a head start on spring and summer outlook.

Simply starting with a new project can be enough to give you the re-energized feeling, brighten your days and improve your overall mood of getting through the long winter.

It’s psychology that paint colour can increase your energy and mood. Painting in a colour that reflects your personality is ideal to give you that creative space in your home. Even if it’s a small room or space it can be made to look larger with good planning on colour selection.

Getting your house painted in the middle of winter will give you a satisfying feeling of looking forward to spring and summer and it gives you a head start over friends and family and even neighbours who wait till summer to get the interior painted. Be the envy of all, by surrounding yourself with beautiful paint colours, that bring that cozy home feeling we all love to retreat to at the end of a busy day.

If you do decide to paint the interior of your condo or house remember to pay attention to the paint sheen you choose as well as how lighting will affect the final paint colour.

Get started on some interior painting  It will improve your mood, and make winter feel like it’s ending way sooner rather than later.

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