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Paint colours that harmonize your environment can revitalize the look and feel of your space and help connect you with your homeChoosing the right colours is a huge task since there is an endless array of selections from all the different paint manufacturers.

Set the mood for the day, reduce stress and unwind with the perfect complimentary paint colours.  We have put together this collection of ideas for every room in the house.

paint colours evening dove, dior gray and mistry memories from benjamin moore paints for interior painting of any room in the house

Paint Colour Ideas For Painting Any Room In The House

Choosing neutral paint colours is always a sure bet and an easy way to getting that cozy atmosphere in a living room or dining room space.  Bring the serenity to a bedroom, or relax and enjoy time in the dining room or spa like bathroom, and get energized in the kitchen area by adding the perfect paint colour.

Whatever the space, room or open-concept area we hope you will find these suggestions of our favorite colours used when painting Ottawa area homes helpful and useful.

Paint Colour Ideas For Painting Living Room

After a long and stressful day of running around with the kids, working an 8 to 10 hour day a soft neutral paint colour to come home too is the perfect way to de-stress and unwind.  Get that feeling of wrapping yourself up in a cashmere bath robe with this soft neutral from Benjamin Moore paints.  Elmira White HC-84 overflows with subtle calm just like a spa getaway.  Just imagine feeling  that way every time you walk into a room that has been painted in this calming neutral.

paint colour for living room elmira white used by painters in ottawa for painting

paint colour Elmira White HC-84 benjamin moore paints for interior painting of living room used by painters in ottawa PG PAINT & DESIGN


Elmira White HC-84 by Benjamin MoorePaints is a popular paint colour that interior designers use as a go to choice.  Homeowners also favour this easy on the eye colour that the perfect neutral shade that leans between a beige a gray and a white giving it that new paint colour name you have probably heard mentioned often it’s called greige.

You can see which complimentary colours to use with Elmira White for living room  at the benjamin moore website.  Complimentary paint colours can be used to paint the trim, baseboards, ceilings or accent walls.

Paint Colour Ideas for Painting Kitchen

Get your dose of Vitamin C & D with a sunny and bright cheery paint colour Hawthorne Yellow in a kitchen .   It is not too bright of a yellow like a lemon and it is not as deep as gold but it is that just in between perfect to give you a an energized feeling every morning as you get ready for the day and in the evening when dinners have to be prepared after a long day at work.

paint colour hawthorne yellow used by painters in ottawa for painting kitchen

interior paint colour sample hawthorne yellow hc-4 from benjamin moore paints

Hawthorne Yellow by Benjamin Moore is a subtle and mellow yellow with a slight gray undertone that makes it a perfect mood booster every time you walk into your kitchen or any other room.



Paint Colour Ideas For Painting Bedroom

Get that Zen or that feeling of just stepping into the spa every night as you retreat and retire to your bedroom for a good nights sleep.  Palladian Blue HC-144  is the mature adult version of blue, rather than painting your bedroom in a blue jay blue or baby blue that would just scream children’s room.

paint colour palladian blue from benjamin moore paints used in painting of bedroom by painters in ottawa

Depending on your decor scheme this blue blends perfectly to offer either a hint of blue, green or gray making it flexible and easy to blend with anything you choose to accessorize the room.

sample of paint colour from benjamin moore paints hc-144 palladian blue


Palladian Blue paint colour by Benjamin Moore is perfect to create that spa like retreat in a bedroom.  Bring the relaxing and serene feel of calm to your space.



Paint Colour Ideas For Painting Bathroom

Soft blue, not too bold or dark yet giving you that feeling of fresh and crisp.  Painting the bathroom with Blue Ice – 821 from Benjamin Moore paints can help start your morning, and fill the energy tank to tackle whatever comes your way or get that feeling of calm and tranquility like walking into a spa.

paint colour blue ice from benjamin moore paints used by ottawa painters for painting bathroom

sample of paint colour blue ice from benjamin moore paints used by painters in ottawa for painting a room
Blue Ice paint colour by benjamin moore paints  is the perfect shade of blue for any bathroom or even bedroom.  It can remind you of that perfect skate on the canal on Ottawa’s Dow’s Lake.  Bring any space to life with complimentary colours such as distant gray or breath of fresh air that compliment the elegance of this shade of blue.



Paint Colour Ideas For Painting Dining Room

Painting with a serene gray like Misty Memories paint colour from benjamin moore paints is the perfect way to compliment any dining room.  Inviting family and friends for dinner extends the stay of good company and great conversation.

paint colour misty memories from benjamin moore paints used by painting company in ottawa PG Paint & Design


sample of paint colours from benjamin moore paints used by painter in ottawa PG PAINT for house painting


Painting the dining room in Misty Memories 2118-60 from benjamin moore paints can be highlighted with painting the ceiling and trim with distant gray 2124-70.


Paint Colour Ideas For Painting Family Room

Having fun and being creative all while putting together the perfect look for one of the busiest rooms in any house is a great starting point to choosing a colour scheme for the family room.

You will want to ensure it blends with any other colour in its vicinity especially if it is an open concept area.

painting of family room kitch and dining room area by Ottawa painters PG PAINT & DESIGN

Shades of blue, green and the ever so popular paint colours like gray create a tranquil atmosphere.  Since the family room is one of the most used rooms you will want to pick a paint colour that the whole family will enjoy.  The currently trending grays are great and all available in neutrals tones and are often a safe bet to create a modern look in any family room.

The secret to painting in a neutral whether it is a gray, a green, a blue or brown is that you can go darker or lighter to get that all together look.  Finding that right shade or undertone is key once you know how lighting affects paint colour.

Paint Colour Ideas For Painting Home Office

Painting the home office in a modern soft gray like Dior Gray from Benjamin Moore Paints gives a soft relaxing atmosphere.  Complimentary paint colours like the Urban Nature and Steam will create too much of a relaxing feel for a home office, and reduce productivity.

paint colour dior gray from benjamin moore paints used by painters in ottawa for painting of home office

sample of paint colours in the grays used by house painters PG Paint & Design in Ottawa


Using the paint colour Dior Gray to paint an accent focal wall or for painting a ceiling adds the perfect charm and accent to a room like a home office.



Paint Colour Ideas For Painting Entrance Hallway

Make the best first impression when family, friends and guests visit.  Using a paint colour like Evening Dove from Benjamin Moore paints adds drama to a front entrance and hallway.

A dark dramatic paint colour in the main entrance helps to make a home look and feel modern and inviting as soon as you walk through the front door.

paint colour evening dove used by painters in ottawa for painting of entrance hallway

sample of paint colour combination for house painting in ottawa by painters PG Paint


Use a bold paint colour Evening Dove to get that perfect look to your hallway or entrance.



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Hiring the services of professional house painters that can help with the daunting task of choosing colours, recommend the best solution for the type of paint finish required for your specific project and help guide on the difference between eggshell or high gloss paint finish with paint consultations is the perfect solution to making the entire process of painting easier and faster.

Work with a painter you can trust that has the knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way.

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