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If the thought of deciding on what paint colours to choose when updating the look of your space has you spinning, know that you are not alone.

When it comes to selecting a paint colour palette many homeowners can be afraid of making a big change and will often times stick to the same year after year.  With a little guidance, the process does not have to be that difficult.

If you are feeling unsure about choosing a paint colour, here are our top five mistakes to avoid when choosing paint colours.

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How To Avoid Making Mistakes When Choosing Paint Colours

As daunting as it can be to choose a new paint colour, here are a few tips on what to do to help avoid making mistakes when choosing paint colours.  These tips can help you adopt a modern look to your home decor and living spaces.

Tip 1  Test Before You Decide on the Paint Colour

Start with a plan of what colours appeal to you most based on your personality as that can be a starting point to finding out how to harmonize your home with paint colours.

Bring home paint colour samples from your local paint store or home improvement centre to give you the opportunity to test before you decide on the final selection.
empty room with painters ladder Taping a small swatch sample will not help you pick a paint colour but it is a little easier to envision it rather than just holding up the sample in the air.  Professional painters will suggest that limit your selection to three of your favourite colours to save money when buying the one quart cans to use as samples rather than full gallon paint cans.

It is also recommended that you take into consideration how lights affect the paint colour shade, by making them appear lighter or darker depending on the direct or indirect lighting they are exposed to.  Natural daylight and sunlight will make a colour look brighter while your artificial lighting inside your home can make the colour look darker.

Before choosing a paint colour for every room it may help to know what the feel of the room will be once you are finished.  Knowing the colours of the accessories like the furniture, lamps, area rugs, throw pillows etc will be gives you that idea of what the look of the room will be.  If re-painting in a new colour you may be out shopping for new accessories to coordinate the entire look.

Tip 2  Neutral Paint Colours are always a safe bet

Today’s new and modern neutral paint colours come in every shade of gray, blue, brown, greens and even purples.  Popular by choice are the neutrals as they are considered to be a safe bet.  No longer are just beige or off white your only choices to a neutral paint colour palette. Did you know that neutral paints are no longer only in whites or beiges.
neutral paint guide for painting in blue gray pink brown green colours

It is perfectly ok to take baby steps when changing from simple beige or off white when painting the interior of your house.   Calling on a painting company to provide you with a paint colour consultation and an estimate for painting can prove to be a wise investment as you will benefit from their guidance and expertise.

Tip 3  Don’t stick with the same old, same old 
It is easy to get comfortable and stay comfortable by sticking to the same old things we are used to.  Just like that favorite pair of sweatpants or jeans and let’s not forget that favorite sweater, we are all creatures of habit.

Habits in home decor make us feel comfortable and sometimes too comfortable avoids us from moving forward.  Start by introducing a dark and bold colour by painting an accent focal wall without committing to painting the entire room.   Painting an accent wall or focal wall in an open concept  family and  living room area can create the perfect atmosphere to relax in the comforts of home.

Tip 4   Don’t be afraid to paint more than one colour

Painting in just one colour doesn’t have to be your only choice.  Why not experiment with different shades of your favorite.  Create a relaxing ambience by painting a dark colour on the bottom half of the wall, then choose a lighter shade for the middle and somewhere in between the dark and light for the top part of the wall or use the same shade from the bottom portion as seen in the photo below to create the look of modern elegance.two tone paint colours light gray and dark gray used by painters in Ottawa

Using a main paint colour for either the ceiling or on one wall then sticking to the same colour family you will achieve a monochromatic look to your home decor.  To create harmony combine the paint colours located beside each other on the colour wheel, or add drama by choosing complimentary colours found across from the paint colour you do decide to choose on the colour wheel.

Tip 5  Know what the function of the room is

When planning a painting project, know what the function of the room will be and then choose the paint colour accordingly.   If you choose a colour for the bedroom you want to go with a soft serene colour that will promote sleep and relaxation.  You do not want to paint a bedroom in red as it would promote high energy. The power of paint colour in house painting has everything to do with understanding the psychology of paint colours

Gain Confidence To Choosing The Right Paint Colours

Choosing the right paint colours brings any space stuck in the 1980’s or 1990’2 look into the modern classic future.  Painting is the most economical way of decorating any space and the choices of colours available are simply endless.

Still not sure about what colours to choose, let us help with getting things changes.  Let’s bring harmony to your next home painting project with some great new paint colours.  Fall in love again with the fresh new look that colour can bring to your home.

Let’s Get Started on Painting that room in your house

This post was originally published on May 24, 2017 and edited on Apr 24, 2020